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FVDI J2534 How to work with Nissan Consult 3 ?

How to make FVDI J2534 diagnostic interface work with Nissan Consult?   You need modify “DiagnosticTool.ini” Try with this: [current_geographical_zones] market=2 area=3 country=Z31 [current_language] language=GB [unit_conversion] unit_conv_1=G001.S001 unit_conv_2=G002.S003 unit_conv_3=G003.S005 unit_conv_4=G004.S007 [current_channel] channel=0 [system_management] access_mode=1 [device] vi_device_name=REPLACE THIS WITH YOUR J2534 DEVICE NAME [mode] debug_mode=TRUE debug_mode_vehicle_battery=TRUE   Note: if it gives you “Connections failure to VI Touch […]

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