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How to read & decode BMW CAS4 5M48H with XPROG-M Programmer?

This article shows the procedures on reading & decoding BMW CAS4 5M48H with XPROG-M Programmer.   Procedures: Remove BMW CAS4 module and get 5M48H controller from PCB Then weld it on the XPROG-M adpater Run XPROG software,and click [Device] button Select [Immobilizers]–>[CAS4 1N35H 5M48H…1030 v1]–>[1N35H_5M48H_D-FLASH_v1] Now click [Read] button The XPROG-M programmer indicate light will flash Progress… It […]

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How to Use XPROG Programmer V5.84 Reset BMW FRM3

In this instruction, obd2tool will show you guide on how to use XPROG programmer to reset BMW FRM3.     XPROG Programmer Reset BMW FRM3 Procedures: Remove BMW FRM module from vehicle,then disassemble cover. Open the diagram connection And follow above diagram to weld 3M25J adapter on FRM PCB   Connect XPROG programmer to PC […]

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