The different between Kess V2 V5.017 and Ktag V7.020 ECU Programmer Master

kess v2 ktag

KESS V2 V5.017 and KTAG V7.020 both are universal Petrol & Diesel car/truck/tractor/motorcycle ECU Chip Tuning tools.
But KESS V2 Master works better for more 12V gasoline cars, K TAG V7.020 works better for more 12V Diesel Cars and 24V trucks/tractors/motorcycles.

The Vehicle Coverage for these 2 tools are different . KESS V5.017 can not work well For Toyota Denso 76F00XX ECU Protocol, But KTAG V7.020 can work For Toyota Denso 76F00XX very well ! Of course there is also some ECU protocols that KESS can work but ktag can not.

So you need to get get both kess v5.017 and ktag v7.020 together to cover the most vehicles and ecu protocols

KESS V5.017 can read and write ECU via OBD2 Cable Directly For Some Vehicles, do not need to open ECU, Easy To Operate ! But For Some Vehicles, It needs to disassemble ECU then can do ECU programming .

K-TAG V7.020 works in this way , K-TAG 7.020 read and write ECU via TRICORE or BDM Or Other Mode with special cable, But the software will guide you how to operate !

the ECU Connection Way for these 2 tools are different.

When you are not sure your vehicles ecu can be read and write via OBD2 Cable or must be disassemble, then it is better to get both KESS and KTAG.

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