How to Download,Install and Activate Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.7.98?

PTT 2.5.87 Software:

1.Work with Nexiq USB Link, xtruck, DPA4+, DPA5,Vocom, 88890020, Noregon

2.It can work on 2020 trucks,

3.Support version 3 and 4

4.Support Muti-language

5.Software includes dev2tool with standard database, visfeed and ptt.


Free Download Volvo PTT 2.7.98

The link for VM_ware 15.1(inc kg)


Link for PTT

(password: mhh_ptt)


Software Version

PTT 2.7.98 Full Development with Newest APCI+ 2020.05 Database


How to activate this Volvo PTT 2.7.98?

Press start button on windows go to search on the right tabel ,type cmd,

Run as admin,type cd \TechToolLicenseEditor and press enter,

Type run press enter and wait to open activator,here press erase full database choice type of activate between normal and dev after press create database with new key and finally press patch log in.

use known xx78911 for log in in program.

if need ISS you will find kg in folder downloads.


Volvo Tech Tool V2.7.98 software displays: