Free Download VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford Mazda IDS V121

VXDIAG VCX NANO as well as other vxdiag Ford Mazda devices update latest software to V121.

Compatible device: vxdiag vcx nano for Ford/Mazda USB and WiFi, vxdiag vcx pro, vxdiag full , vcm2 clone (using vxdiag solution) etc

Free Download Ford IDS V121

Free Download Mazda IDS V121

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Virtual machine Ford IDS 106 CN: Password:v8pg?

Virtual machine Ford IDS 106 EN: Password:i2ku

Ford/Mazda IDS V121 New Feature:

♦  This version also has the ability to download the very latest calibration/software files from Ford’s server if you have an internet connection available at the time of conecting to vehicles.
♦  Reading and decoding fault codes
♦  Deleting fault codes
♦  Displays system current parameters in digital form
♦  Combined displaying of data
♦  Logs keeping-writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory
♦  Special functions-changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.

How to Install VXDIAG Ford or Mazda IDS V121?

1. Install Ford IDS-V121
2. Wait for the installation of Ford IDS -v121, and restart the computer
3. Install the Ford original VCI software_
4. Install VX manager and Ford IDS driver
5. Wait for VX manager and Ford IDS driver installation to complete
6. Connect VCX device and install idspatch
7. Use idspatch to open IDS and start diagnosis.