How to read VW pin code via EEPROM adapter for xtool x100 pad key programmer

xtool x100 pad key programmer eeprom adapter you can use it  perform these features, 1. PIN Code Reading; 2. ECU Initializing and  3. Chip Programming

Now we show you the steps about how to read VW pin code by xtool x100 pad auto key programmer

steps 1 :

Connect the engine ECU Meganeti Mareli 4MV with Xtool X100 Pad

Connect Xtool X100 pad with VCI and eeprom adapter


Connect Engine ECU->Xtool EEPROM IC board+Xtool EEPROM adapter ->Xtool Bluetooth VCI box->Xtool X100 Pad (Check connection picture below)


Power on X100 pad and make sure all connection is ready

Step 2:

Read Pin Code

Choose “EEPROM adapter” function to start


Click “EEPROM adapter” icon on the main menu
Come to EEPROM adapter menu


Select “Read pin code” function


Select car brand “VW” and select “Polo” model


Select ECU type :95080



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