How to service a car’s fuel filter

Fuel filters can be divided into gasoline filters and diesel filters according to different fuels. Gasoline filters are mainly used in household cars. Gasoline filters can be divided into built-in and external.

With the increase of the service life of the vehicle and the increase of the mileage, the long-term work of the fuel filter reaches a certain life cycle, which will lead to weak acceleration, increased fuel consumption, increased noise, and reduced handling performance.

The recommended replacement cycle of the fuel filter should vary according to its own structure, performance and use, and cannot be generalized.

1. It is recommended to replace the fuel filter every 10,000 kilometers, and the fuel filter in the fuel tank every 40,000~80,000 kilometers. Before purchasing, be sure to check your car model, displacement, and other information to ensure that you can buy the correct model of accessories. You can check the car maintenance manual or use the “self-service” function.

2. During overhaul, the fuel filter is generally replaced with the oil, engine filter and air filter. The disassembly and replacement of the fuel filter is more complicated, so do not operate it yourself.

3. Select high-quality fuel filter. Poor quality fuel filters can often lead to poor fuel supply, lack of power, or even stalls. Impurities are not filtered. Oil circuits and fuel injection systems can also be damaged by corrosion over time.

4. When you feel that the speed of the vehicle is significantly reduced, the engine acceleration is not good, and the vehicle is weak, it should be considered that the fuel filter may be blocked, and it needs to be checked and replaced in time.