How to use the HHT software in MB SD Connect C4/C5 to test the old car before 2000 ?

How to use the HHT software in MB STAR C4 C5 to test the old car before 2000 ?

Many customers reflect that they can’t test Bens car before2000 year after operating MB STAR C4 C5 2017.01.

Many customers report that MB SD Connect C4/C5 2017.01 will not be able to test the Benz before 2000.

Customers had showed us with video and photos :

We found that the newest MB SD Connect C4/C5 2017.01 software can’t test old car before 2000.
HHT software in xentry 2 and DAS 3 hasn’t run normally (was canceled), however, Bens cars before 2000 year need HHT software diagnosed.

The customer use 38PIN connector to diagnose Benz s chassis of 1996 year with MB SD Connect C4.

Open xentry DAS diagnostic software, choose 210(UP TO 02/97)

Showing HHT software in xentry DAS can’t work normally

New MB STAR C4 C5 software,xentry and DAS software had canceled HHT software, which caused that many Bens before 2000 year can’t be tested.

In order to solve the problem, we give customers the new Benz software which installed HHT diagnostic software. You should double-click the 7 icon on the computer desktop. as follows:

If you want to test Benz cars before 2000 year, you should connect MB SD Connect C5 C4 to the car, click and open the software.


Choose the vehicle chassis you want o test, then you can diagnose.