Use Digiprog 3 for Benz VW Toyota

My experience with Digiprog 3 odometer programmer.

Mercedes Benz OBDW211 30 seconds
W212 pre-facelift 30 seconds(EIS)
W203 face lift 30 sec
W204 pre-facelift 30 sec(EIS)

VW golf 4.5.6 OK OBD2

Most Toyota OK are no problem with EEPROM
But 70% of Nissan aren’t applicable to Navara/Pathfinder 9s12,,older dash works but certain one kills dash.
Old ford ranger mcu dash ok solder pins on back

Another good tip is to make your own icp cable for digiprog,and make 123458 for in circuit programming works very well.

Hope this information can help you.