How to use Yanhua ACDP add new key for Land Rover KVM MC9S12XEQ384_3M25J

Follow the guide to connect Yanhua Mini ACDP basic module and Land Rover KVM module.

In the left rear of the car, open the plaque, see the fuse box, remove the fuse box and see the RAF smart computer

Connect Yanhua ACDP to OBP+ ICP adapter, then to BDM adapter, then to KVM adapter. Wait the indicator turn red then green.


Click on “Land Rover” option.


Click on ” KVM (MC9S12XEQ384 112Pin)”.


Click on “IMMO”.


Come to the main menu:


Choose ” MC9S12XEQ384_3M25J”


Click on ” Add key auto mode”
Starting application.
Device connection succeed.
Note: Please prepare the OBP+ICP adapter, BDM adapter, KVM module, BAV adapter and Blank key.


Follow the tip to ensure the well connected for ACDP device, OBP +ICP adapter, BDM adapter and KVM module.


Detecting pins status, please wait..
Good contact and continue.


Configuring adapter, please wait…

It is detected the KVM module chip has been encrypted, whether to continue? click on “Continue”.


Configuring adapter, please wait…
Decrypting the chip, please wait… It will take several minutes.
Reading chip PFLASH data, please wait…
Please save the original PFLASH data of the KVM module.

Uploading data…


File save path.


Reading chip EEPROM /PFLASH data, please wait…


Please save the original EEPROM data of the KVM module.


Just click “Yes” until you see the immo info shown as below.


Just follow the on-screen instruction to do ……
Please choose to add the keyway.
Choose key 6.


Just follow the on-screen instruction to operate.
One more time, it will show “Decrypting the chip, please wait… ” and it will take several minutes again.
Next is writing chip EEPROM /Plash data, please wait…
Checking chip data, please wait.

Adding the key complete. Please install the KVM module to the car and confirm that the new key can be used normally.



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JMD Handy Baby Key Copy Machine Software Update to 9.0.2

JMD Handy baby key copy machine software release to V9.0.2 on August 16th, 2018.  Handy Baby newest version 9.0.2 can copy 46 chip by king chip directly , can generate some 7935 chip and decode some 40/41/45 chip.

Handy Baby 9.0.2 update content:

1. Optimize BYD 46 chip one-click write key data, increase password-free matching
2. Chinese machine adds 8C copy, only supports blank TK5561A (original 8C) copy
3. King Chip can be directly used to convert 46 chip acquisition
4. JMD Assistant Audi copy, support the use of double horse Audi board copy
5. Added part of the 7935 model generation
6. Add a small part of the 40/41/45 chip decoding (subject to the actual identification and decoding)

JMD Assistant latest version is 9.0.0
Download JMD ‘’client software‘’  from official website for update
JMD-Handy-baby-1 JMD-Handy-baby-2 JMD-Handy-baby-3

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How to program a key and correct odometer on Audi Q3 2013 with Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer?

Lonsdor K518ISE Function

  1. Backup EPROM: backup car EPROM data;
  1. Restore EPROM: copy the backed up EPROM data onto the car computer, to restore it to the original state;

3. Make dealer key: use the backed up EPROM data to write a blank new key to be a dealer key that can be programmed directly;

  1. Add key (OBD): use the customized or generated dealer key to directly program key, applicable for the smart card;
  1. Directly add key: use the customized or generated dealer key to directly program key, applicable for the folding key;
  1. Delete key: delete the programmed key;
  1. Reset dashboard
  1. Odometer adjustment: to correct mileage


  1. During all the system operation, the dashboard will be in the extinguished state, that is normal;
  2. Delete key process:

Step 1. Read immodata; Step 2. Select an existing key; Step 3. Write back immodata.


Chip model: Dedicated 48 chip

Remote type: 220G 315 frequency

Key embryo no.: No.31

PIN code requirement: Backup EPROM data

Remote generation: Program smart key complete, remote will automatically generated

OBD position: Under the steering wheel:



The car model



The key




Backup EPROM

1. This function can read the device EPROM data and save in K518ISE;

2. For smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

3. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

4. Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;

5. Read the vehicle PIN code and other info;

6. Please enter the file name to be saved;

7.EPROM data is saved.

Restore EPROM

1. Note: Write the wrong EPROM data may lead to the car can not start, please confirm that the data to be written is the car EPROM data backed up via K518ISE;

2. For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

3. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

4. Please confirm the current data is the car EPROM data;

5. Writing EPROM data, about 2 minutes, please be patient;

6.Resetting the dashboard, EPROM data is restored.

Make dealer key

1. This function can generate a dealer key to be programmed, then use this key to perform “Add key” operation;

2. For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

3. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

4. Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;

5. Please choose to vehicle brand;

6. Please insert the blank key to be programmed into the K518ISE card slot;

7.Make dealer key success.


Add key (OBD)

1. This system is suitable for directly programming smart card dealer key.

Directly add key(suitable for folding dealer key directly programming)

1. This function can directly add a dealer key to the immobilizer system, please put the new key into the coil, and connect the host to the car OBD port;

2. For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

3. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

4. Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;

5. Writing immodata, about 2 minutes, please be patient;

6.Add key complete.
Delete key

1. This function can delete an existing key;

2.The process of this function:

Step 1. Read anti-theft data

Step2. Select an existed key

Step 3. Write back immodata;

3. For a smart key, please turn off and on the ignition, and then click OK; otherwise click OK directly;

4. The system read out the part number, now is going through security certification, and loading external code;

5. Getting system data, it takes about 2 min, please be patient;

6. Please select the key to be deleted;

7.System communicating, delete complete.
Reset dashboard

1. Establishing communication, the system is resetting the dashboard;

2.Reset complete.
Odometer adjustment

1. This process can read and calibrate the odometer mileage;

2. if the car is a smart key, please turn off the ignition and then turn on the ignition, and then click OK, otherwise click OK;

3. Read the current mileage;

4. Going through security certification and loading external code, getting data, it takes about 2 minutes;

5. Please enter the new mileage needed to be calibrated ;

6. During writing… write complete.

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GM Tech 2 Scan Tool TIS2000 Installation Guide

GM Tech 2 Scan Tool work for Opel/SAAB/OPEL/SUZUKI/ISUZU before 2012. Vetronix GM Tech 2 comes with Authentic GM software included Tech2win & Tis2000. Client share GM Tech 2 TIS2000 software installation Guide as follows.

GM Tech 2 SAAB/Opel Tech 2 Scan Tool GM Tech 2 Scanner


My new GM Tech 2 Scan Tool bought from

It is in perfect working order and has the screen cover.
Also included is the Professional Diagnostic Tool GM Tech 2 Scanner TIS2000 software which you will need to access the security to program keys

TIS2000 installation guide:

Small glitch running TIS2000, and unless your laptop/computer has an RS232 port to plug the Tech II cable into it, your going to need an usb cable instead.

Or Here is the driver link needed for the VM XP that the TIS2000 is going to run native in and will need to be installed in the VM shell for the usb cable.

On the above link, several older OS’s are listed for the driver downloads, one being MS Vista. However in the minimum system requirements sections for the OS, Vista is not listed.

TIS2000 and WIN software only runs on XP, the drivers that are listed are for the USB to RS232 port adapter you have to by if your computer does not have a 232 port.

Need GM Tech 2 Scan Tool Vetronix GM Tech 2 Scanner SAAB/Opel Tech 2 just contact us freely.

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Opel Key Programmer OBDSTAR H111, Commander for OPEL VAUXHALL 5.9, Opcom

Opel key programmer clone and original options: OBDSTAR H111, Commander for OPEL VAUXHALL 5.9, Opcom. This post is about what they can do, how to do, the price etc.

1.OBDSTAR H111 Opel key programmer via OBD


OBDSTAR H111 functions:
Opel key programming via OBD
Opel cluster calibration via OBD
Read PIN Code from BCM automatically and manually

OBDSTAR H111 car list
1.For IMMO
OPEL V30.21
Read security code
By BCM System
By Other System
Select from vehicle
Agila B
Astra F
Astra G
Astra H
Smart key system
Astra J
Astra K
Type 1
Type 2
Select from type
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3
Type 4
Type 5
Type 6
Type 7
Type 8
Type 9
Type 10
Type 11

2). for Cluster Calibration
Astra 2010
Combo 2015
Insignia 2010

OBDSTAR H111 Update:
on the official site:

OBDSTAR H111 Language:
English & Chinese

How to use OBDSTAR H111?
OBDSTAR H111 Opel key programmer user manual

OBDSTAR H111 Price:
You can go for

Commander for OPEL/VAUXHALL is a professional software for diagnostic of Opel/Vauxhall vehicles.
It is capable to perform a diagnostic of any unit, which operates under one of the following protocols:
Keyword 82, Keyword 2000 and GMLAN. It provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool.

2.Full compatibility with GM – Tech2Win diagnostic software
Standard diagnostic functions:
For all electronic control units reading identification data
For all electronic control units read error (DTCs)
For all electronic control units clear error (DTCs)
Device scan
Data Display / Measured values
Security code programming
Vehicle identification programming
Injector programming – Diesel engines
Programming of the CAN configuration
Program immobilizer function
– Adaptation of Engine Control Module to immobilizer
– Adaptation of Immobilizer to the vehicle
Program immobilizer outputs
– Enable/Disable Anti Theft Warning system

Special functions:
1. Key programming
– supported all models for programming of keys and remote controls by OBDII – ASTRA J, INSIGNIA, Chevrolet CRUZE and all older ..
– Read mechanical key number

2. Read security code
– With a new special function ON008 you can read Security code from all Opel/Vauxhall vehicles with CAN BUS by OBDII – Astra H, Corsa D, Vectra C, Zafira B, Agila B, Insignia
– Read security code PSG16 (Y20DTH, Y22DTR) – Astra G, Zafira, Vectra C
– Read security code Simtec 70(X18XE1,X20XEV); Simtec 71(Z22XE); Simtec 75(Z16XER, Z18XER);
Delco HSFI 2.4 (Z16XEP); Denso (A17DTR)
Read/Write EEPROM
– Magneti Marelli 1.3 16V CDTI (Z13DT) – Agila, Corsa C, Tigra B
– SIMTEC71.1(Z18XE,Z18XEL) – Astra G, Corsa C, meriva, Tigra B, Vectra B, Zafira
– Read eeprom of the instrument Panel Cluster of Astra G, Corsa C, Meriva, Tigra B

3. Odometer correction
– Odometer correction – Insignia, Astra J, Chevrolete Cruze by OBDII
– Odometer correction – Movano B – Instrument Panel by OBDII
– Odometer correction in EDC16 – 1.7;1.9 by OBDII
– Odometer correction ANTARA – EDC16 by OBDII
– Odometer correction in ECU – Bosch ME7.6.2, Delco MT35E
– Odometer correction PSG16 (Y20DTH, Y22DTR) – Astra G, Zafira, Vectra C
– Instrument Panel Cluster – Astra G; Corsa-C; Meriva; Tigra-B; Vectra-B. NOT SUPPORT TRW IPC!

4. Engine Flasher
– Read/Write flash memory from ECU – Simtec 70, Simtec 71, Delco HDRC, Marelli MJD 602, Motronic 7.6, Delco MT35E

5. Radio
– Read radio code by OBD from Delco CDR500

6. Airbag
– Erase crash data by OBD – Airbag SAB6 – Siemens with MCU Motorola HC11

7. Dump Tool
– Airbag TEMIC Astra G, Corsa C (68HC908AZ32) – clear crash data
– SIEMENS (68HC11E9) GM 24416701 DJ – clear crash data
– Read immobilizer II (TMS) security code from dump
– Bosch EDC16 odometer correction
– Magneti Marelli odometer correction
– Astra G, Astra H, Corsa D instrument panel odometer correction

Advanced functions:
1. Security access
Custom request – manually transmission of messages to a unit (KWP82/KWP2000/CAN)
2. Custom query:
– read memory by address – possibility to read/program memory of electronic control units
– scanning of a unit memory space – automatically discover of all accessible memory

Supported vehicles:
Astra J – 2010+
Insignia – 2008+ (updated supported units)
Agila – 2000-2007 year
Astra F – 1992-2001 year
Astra G – 1998-2009 yer
Astra H – 2004+
Tigra – 1995-2000 year
Tigra B – 2004+
Vectra B – 1996-2001 year
Vectra C/Signum – 2002+
Corsa B – 1993-2001 year
Corsa C – 2001-2008 year
Codsa D – 2007+
Meriva – 2003-2008 year
Zafira – 1999-2005 year
Zafira B – 2005+
Omega B – 1996-2003 year
Frontera – 1997-1998 year
Frontera B – 1999-2004 year
Calibra – 1990-1997 year
Vivaro – 2001+
Movano – 2004+

Prices of the special functions:
ON007 – Compatibility AVDI with Tech2Win (Dealer level diagnostic) free
ON008 – Read security code + Key learning 960 euro
ON009 – Mileage recalibration – Instrument cluster,ECU,Airbag – clear CRASH data, Radio – reading PIN code- 197 euro
ON010 – Engine Flasher – 197 euro
ON011 – Advanced key programming/ASTRA J, INSIGNIA, Chevrolet CRUZE/ – 480 euro
ON012 – Mileage recalibration 2–Insignia, Astra J, Chevrolet Cruze by OBDII – 288 euro
FULL – all special functions – 2122 euro

Opcom Clone Opel diagnostic tool
Opcom Clone can support a little part of Opel key programmer, you can Google and find little operation guide on how to use Opcom Clone to do Opel key programming. and there is little feedback on what it can do.

To sum up:
OBDSTAR H111 wins in best price and wide Opel coverage.
Commander for Opel / Vauxhall 5.9 wins in powerful function and correspondingly high price.
Opcom can do little Opel key programmer, it is good at OBD diagnosis.


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Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Program Toyota/Lexus smart key support all key lost

Lonsdor K518ISE can program Toyota/Lexus smart key all key lost via OBD by working together with extra SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator .

SKE-LT: Smart Key emulator – Toyota/Lexus smart key for all key lost via OBD.

Black: SKE-LT-DST40(94/D4) -Supports 94/D4 smart key.(optional)
Red: SKE-LT-8A(88/A8)-Support 88/A8 smart key.(optional)
Green: SKE-LT-DST80(98)-Supports 98 smart key.(optional)
Blue: SKE-LT-8A(A9)-Supports A9 smart key. (optional)


If you are interesting in buy SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator for Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer , Please check this link :

How to Operate the SKE-LT Smart Key Emulator on all key lost situation:

1) Binding

1. Go to the “Bind emulator key” function;
2. Turn on emulator key and put it into K518ISE key slot (put the status indicator down, make sure the key is active);
3. Following the system direction and click “OK” to start binding;
4. After binding completed, the system will indicate”Binding successful”.

2) Backup EEPROM data

Connect K518ISE with car OBD port, enter into “Backup immodata” to back up the data.

3) Make emergency emulator key

After choosing the immodata, in a network environment, the system will indicate to choose the corresponding SKE emulator key model,
please start the key and put it into Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer key slot(make sure the key is activate), follow the instruction to make an emulator key.

4) Add smart key

Click the car start button, put the generated SKE emulator key close to the start button, with induction the car will automatically activated.
The system will read current key count, then follow the instruction to add key.

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The solution to abnormal display after updating Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer

Lonsdor K518ISE is an universal key programmer for all makes from Europe, America, Asia and China, also it can perform odometer adjustment for some makes. Lonsdor k518 Key Progrmmer are built-in Volkswagen 4th 5th adapter & RFID transponder reader / writer, program Toyota/Lexus smart key all key lost via OBD and free BMW FEM key programming (for all keys lost, enter 32-bit ISN code).


This is the Solution to abnormal display after updating Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer.

Problem: Click “Immobilizer” button after updating the Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer, it skips to below interface:


Step 1: After rebooting the device, please press and hold the setting and return buttons(in below red box) simultaneously for few seconds..


Step 2: The following interface appears, please click “uninstall APK” button in the red box, and wait for few seconds.


Step 3: It skips to below interface, please click “OK” to continue.


Step 4: The following interface appears, please click the button in the red box to install factory-set/default APK.


Step 5: Please wait for about half a minute. The factory-set APK is installed and initiates automatically. Then input the password on boot, and click “OK”. It skips to below interface, click “update” in the red box. Remember to reboot the device after updating. You can use it normally now.


After these operations, if you still have problem to work, Please contact our sales via < > Our engineer will support you.

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Digiprog 3 clone Test on VW Golf 6 Odometer Correction

OBD2TOOL engineer share a Digiprog 3 clone test case on VW Golf 6 2012 Mileage programming.

Here you go…. Digiprog 3 clone changes km of Golf 6 2012

the current mileage: 212099km


connect Mileage Correction Tool Digiprog 3 to the car via OBD

then the machine starts

select a car: VW-Golf-Golf 6-Tacho Diag 2012








DP3 is reading the current mileage


Golf 6 mileage is read out

it’s 212128km, almost the same as what displayed on the dashboard


enter a new mileage to change

new mileage: 200000km



the mileage on the dash is also changed!


Digiprog 3 china clone is confirmed to OBD change km for Golf6!

Works perfect!

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Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Newest Update Information

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Newest Update Information:

European Vehicle Makes and Models Update [May 5, 2018]


PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\1007\Immobilizer\Type 3

PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\308\Immobilizer\Type 2

PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\4008(China)\Smart Key

PEUGEOT\Select from vehicle\4008(China)\Immobilizer



LAND ROVER\Select from type\Smart Key\Type 1

LAND ROVER\Select from type\Smart Key\Type 2

LAND ROVER\Select from type\Remote\Type 1

LAND ROVER\Select from type\Immobilizer\Type 1

LAND ROVER\Select from type\Immobilizer\Type 2

LAND ROVER\Select from type\Immobilizer\Type 3

LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Defender\Remote\2010-2014

LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Evoque\Smart Key\2015-

LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Evoque\Immobilizer\Type 1

LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Evoque\Immobilizer\Type 2

LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Freelander\Smart Key

LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Freelander\Remote

LAND ROVER\Select from vehicle\Freelander 2\Immobilizer\2006-2012




MG\Immobilizer\ZS\Mechanical Key

MG\Immobilizer\ZS\Smart Key





LANCIA\Immobilizer\Phedra\Type 1

LANCIA\Immobilizer\Phedra\Type 2

LANCIA\Immobilizer\Phedra\Type 3

LANCIA\Immobilizer\Z\Type 1

LANCIA\Immobilizer\Z\Type 2

LANCIA\Immobilizer\Z\Type 3





Lonsdor K518ISE American Vehicles Immobilization [May 3,2018]


FORD\Remote System



LINCOLN\Navigator\Remote System



HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming\Type2\2008-2009

HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming Method\2003-2007

HUMMER\H2\Remote Programming Method\2008-2009



DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type1(CAN)

DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type2(CAN)

DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type3(CAN)

DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type4(CAN)

DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type5(CAN)

DODGE\Mechanical Key\Type\Type6(VPW)

DODGE\Smart Key\Type\Type1(CAN)

DODGE\Smart Key\Type\Type2(CAN)

DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Challenger\2015-

DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Charger\2011-

DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Dart\2013-\Half Smart

DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Dart\2013-\Smart

DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Magnum\2011-

DODGE\Smart Key\Vehicle Type\Viper\2013-









DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Caravan\2001-2003\Remote Programming

DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Dakota\2001-2004\Remote Programming

DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Durango\2001-2003\Remote Programming

DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Intrepid\1998-2004\Remote Programming

DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Neon\2000-2005\Remote Programming

DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Ram\2002-2005\Remote Programming

DODGE\Remote\Vehicle Type\Startus\4 door\2001-2006\Remote Programming



CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type1

CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type5

CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type6

CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type7

CHRYSLER\Select from System\Remote\Type8

CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type \Smart Key\200\2015-

CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Smart Key\300\2011-

CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Smart Key\Freemont\2011-

CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\300M\1999-2000

CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\Concorde\1998-2004

CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\LHS\1999-2001

CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\PT cruiser\2001-2005

CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\Sebring\2001-2006

CHRYSLER\Vehicle Type\Remote\Town&Country\2001-2003






CADILLAC\ATSL\2015-2016\Smart Key Immobilizer\Type2

CADILLAC\SRX\2010-2014\Smart Key Immobilizer\Type2





Free Update [March 27,2018]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Diamante\2000-2006

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Eclipse[CAN]\2006-2009

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Eclipse/1996-2005

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Endeavor

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Endeavor[CAN]\2006-2009

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\EVO

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant[CAN]\2006-2009

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant[PIN1]\2000-2003

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant[PIN1]\1996-2000

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant[PIN2]\2000-2003

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant[PIN2]\1996-2000

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Galant\2004-2005

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Lancer

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Mirage\2012

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Montero Sport\1999-2004

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Montero\2001-2006

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Montero\1999-2000

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander(Sport)

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander[CAN]\2007-2009

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander\2000-2003

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander\2004-2006

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Outlander\2014

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\USA\Rvr

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\3000gt

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Airtrek

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\ASX

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Challenger\1999-2003

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Evolution

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Lancer\Sedan

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Lancer\Sportback

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Ralliart\Sedan

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\CJ Ralliart\Sportback

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Colt

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\EVO

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Express

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Express\1996-

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Galant

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer Sport back

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer SW\1996-2003

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer Wagon

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer(CAN)

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer(Sport)

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer\2003-2006

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Lancer\1996-2003

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Mirage\1996-2005

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Mirage\-2001-2012

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Mirage\2012

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Mirage\1996-2012

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Nimbus\1998-1999

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Nimbus\1999-2002

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Outlander(CAN)

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Outlander

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Pajero IO\1999-

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Pajero\2000-2005

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Star Wagon

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Trion Challenger

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Australia\Verada\1996-2002


Free Update[March 21, 2018]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\ASX

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Diamonte

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Eclipse

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Eclipse[CAN]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Endeavor

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Endeavor[CAN]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\EVO

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Galant

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Galant[CAN]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Lancer

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Lancer[CAN]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Montero

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Montero[CAN]\2007

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander(2013)

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander[CAN]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander\Pajero\v97\v98

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\America\South America\Outlander\Rvr\2012

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\3000gt

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\ASX

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Carisma

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Colt Lander

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Eclipse

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\EVO

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Galant Wagon

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Galant\1996-2004

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Grandis

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\I-miev

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\L200

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\L200[CAN]\2011-

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\L400

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer Sportback

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer Wagon

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer EX

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Lancer[CAN]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Magunm

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Mirage\2013

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Outlander[CAN]

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Outlander

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Pajero PININ

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Pajero\1999-2006

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Shogun

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\sigma

Mitsubishi\Select from vehicle\Europe\Space Wagon

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Tech 2 review working for for Cadillac and Hummer H3

My Tech 2 clone finally got here. Took a few weeks to get it but it looks great so far. Now I just have to figure out how to use it properly lol. I was looking into scanners and most can’t read anything but engine codes. Did some research on some other forums and a bunch of people have had really good luck with these clones.

$224 off

Got a chance to try it out today on my wife’s Cadillac and my Hummer h3. She has been having an issue with her abs light coming on then going off. I suspected a wheel sensor but my blue tooth scanner wouldn’t pick it up. Hooked up the tech 2 and scanned the brake module for codes and I got c0050 for the right rear abs sensor.

Also I did a check of all 28 modules in the car and pulled some misfire codes even no CEL was on. The cool thing is that it records the event so you can see exactly what was happening at the time the code occurred. For instance the c0050 shows me steering angle, speed, and a whole bunch of other things. The misfire codes shows me engine speed (rpm), ect, iat, spark, o2, maf, etc.

My h3 has had a CEL on – po452. I wanted to check it with the tech 2. Well it pulls 3 codes, po455 (large evap leak), po442 (small evap leak), and po449 (vent solenoid control).

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality and capabilities. I don’t see any reason why I won’t be able to program modules, etc. I will need to get the Tis2000 software loaded up for that.

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