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    Technical Support


    Tag Key Tool

    Product Description: 
    With this tool you can programmer keys/transponders for vehicles, bikes or trucks from different brands that using Megamos 13, Megamos 48 (Megacrypt I), Megamos 8E (Megacrypt II), Texas 4C, Temic 11, Temic 12, T5, TK5555, Philips PIT - 7930/7931/7935 (PIT), Philips HITAG2 -7936, 7941, 7942, 7943, 7944, 7945, 7946, 7947, 7952, 7953, 7961.

    software is compatiable with AN020 and ZN001 transponder programmers. Just need dump from your immobilizer, put your NEW KEY (or transponder) on the programmer and generate working key! You can also produce preprogrammed transponders for a different vehicles.

    This programmer works with AVDI interface. It also is compatible with our software ABRITES Commander for VAG, BMW, Renault, Nissan, Mercedes, Fiat.

    If you lost the key programmer,  you can order our device ,but you must have the authorised software

    Software screens:

    Supported transponders:

    Atmel TK5551
    Temic 11
    Temic 12
    Megamos 13 (fixed identifier)
    Megamos 48 (Megacrypt I)
    Megamos 8E (Megacrypt II)
    Philips PIT - 7930/7931/7935 (PIT)
    Philips HITAG2 – 7936, 7941, 7942, 7943, 7944, 7945, 7946, 7947, 7952, 7953, 7961

    Supported carlist:
    Utilities for keys generation by dump of immobilizer unit:
    Acura CSX. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Acura MDX. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Acura RDX. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Acura TL. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Acura TSX. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Acura. Immo 93C46.Megamos 13
    Alfa Romeo 145. Bosch 93C46
    Alfa Romeo 146. Bosch 93C46
    Alfa Romeo 147. Marelli HC912DG128 or 9S12DG256
    Alfa Romeo 155. Bosch 93C46
    Alfa Romeo 159. Marelli MC9S12DG256
    Alfa Romeo 165. Bosch 93C46
    Alfa Romeo GT. Marelli HC912DG128 or 9S12DG256
    Alfa Romeo GTV. Bosch 93C46
    Alfa Romeo Mito. Delphi 93C86
    Alfa Romeo Spider. Bosch 93C46
    Aprilia bike.Cluster 24C16
    Audi A8 2003+. Key by dump of KESSY - 93C86
    Audi A8 2003+. Dealer's key by dump of KESSY - 93C86
    Audi A8 2003+. Dealer's key by dump of ECU
    **Audi A6 2004+. Key by dump of EZS - 9S12
    **Audi A6 2004+. Dealer key by dump of EZS - 9S12
    **Audi A6 2004+. Unlock key by dump of EZS - 9S12
    **Audi Allroad 2004+. Key by dump of EZS - 9S12
    **Audi Allroad 2004+. Dealer key by dump of EZS - 9S12
    **Audi Allroad 2004+. Unlock key by dump of EZS - 9S12
    **Audi Q7. Key by dump of EZS - 9S12
    **Audi Q7. Dealer key by dump of EZS - 9S12
    **Audi Q7. Unlock key by dump of EZS - 9S12

    Bentley Arnage. Key by dump of 68HC911EA9
    Bentley Continental.Key by dump of KESSY - 93C86
    Bentley Continental.Dealer's key. KESSY - 93C86
    Bentley Continental.Dealer's key by dump of ECU
    BMW Bikes. ECU Bosch M58BW0160
    BMW EWS1
    BMW EWS2
    BMW EWS3. Key by dump of 68HC911EA9
    BMW EWS4
    BMW CAS1
    BMW CAS2
    BMW CAS3

    Cadillac Catera. Siemens 68HC05B16
    Chevrolet Captiva. Bosch 95C040
    Chevrolet HHR. Bosch 95C040
    Chevrolet Cobalt. Bosch 95C040
    Chrysler 300C (2005-)
    Chrysler Pacifica (2004-)
    Chrysler Voyager (2005-)
    Chrysler Aspen (2007-)
    Chrysler PT Cruiser(2006-)
    Chrysler Sebring(2007-)
    Citroen Berlingo(-2000). Valeo 93C46
    Citroen Jumper(-2001). Delphi 93C46
    Citroen Jumper(2001-2006). Delphi 93C56
    Citroen Jumper(2006-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320
    Citroen Nemo. Delphi 93C86
    Citroen Relay(-2001). Delphi 93C46
    Citroen Relay(2001-2006). Delphi 93C56
    Citroen Relay(2006-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320
    Citroen Saxo. Valeo 93C46
    Citroen Evasion.Texton.93C66
    Citroen Jumpy.Texton.93C66
    Citroen Xantia(-1999).Texton.93C66
    Citroen Xsara(-1999).Texton.93C66

    Dacia Logan. Siemens 93C66
    Dacia Logan MPV. Siemens 93C66
    Dacia Duster. BCM 95040
    Dacia Supernova.Immobox Sagem 93C46
    DAF CF, Siemens MC68HC908AZ32
    DAF LF, Siemens MC68HC908AZ32
    DAF XF, Siemens MC68HC908AZ32
    Ducati bike.Cluster 24C02
    Ducati bike.Cluster 24C16
    Daewoo Espero. 68HC05B16
    Daewoo Lanos(-2002). 68HC05B16
    Daewoo Leganza(-2000). 68HC05B16
    Daewoo Matiz(-2001). 68HC05B16
    Daewoo Nexia. 68HC05B16
    Daewoo Nubira(-2000). 68HC05B16
    Daewoo Windstorm. Bosch 95C040
    Daihatsu Charade.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Daihatsu Copen.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Daihatsu Cuore.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Daihatsu Feroza.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Daihatsu Move.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Daihatsu Sirion.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Daihatsu Storia.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Daihatsu Terios.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Daihatsu YRV.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C

    Fiat 500. Delphi 93C86
    Fiat Albea. Delphi 93C66
    Fiat Barchetta. Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Brava. Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Bravo(-1998). Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Bravo(1998-2001). Immobox Marelli HC705E6
    Fiat Bravo(1998-2001). Immobox Marelli HC908AZ32
    Fiat Bravo(2007-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320
    Fiat Cinquecento. Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Croma. Marelli MC9S12DG256
    Fiat Doblo. Delphi 93C66
    Fiat Ducato(-2001). Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Ducato(2001-2006). Delphi 93C56
    Fiat Ducato(2006-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320
    Fiat Fiorino. Delphi 93C86
    Fiat Grande Punto. Delphi 93C86
    Fiat Idea. Marelli 68HC908AZ32
    Fiat Marea. Immobox Marelli HC705E6
    Fiat Marea. Immobox Marelli HC908AZ32
    Fiat Marengo. Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Multipla. Marelli 68HC908AZ32
    Fiat Palio(-1999). Immobox Marelli HC705E6
    Fiat Palio(1999-). Marelli HC912DG128 or 9S12DG256
    Fiat Panda(-2002). Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Panda(2003-). Siemens MC9S12DG128
    Fiat Punto(-1999). Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Punto(1999-). Delphi 93C66
    Fiat Punto(2007-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320
    Fiat Seicento(-1999). Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Seicento(1999-). Delphi 93C56
    Fiat Siena. Delphi 93C66
    Fiat Stilo(1999-2007). Marelli HC912DG128 or 9S12DG256
    Fiat Stilo(2007-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320
    Fiat Strada. Delphi 93C66
    Fiat Tempra. Delphi 93C46
    Fiat Scudo.Texton.93C66
    Fiat Ulysse.Texton.93C66
    Ford KA. Delphi 93C86
    Gilera bike.ECU 68HC05B16
    GMC Siera. Bosch 95C040

    Honda Accord (-1999). Valeo HC05
    Honda Accord (-1999). Megamos 93C46
    Honda Accord. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Honda Bikes. ECU 93C46
    Honda Bikes. ECU 93C56
    Honda Bikes. ECU 93C66
    Honda Civic (-2001). Valeo HC05
    Honda Civic (-2001). Megamos 93C46
    Honda Civic. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Honda CR-V(-2000). Megamos 93C46
    Honda CR-V. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Honda Element. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Honda Integra. Megamos 93C46
    Honda Legend. Megamos 93C46
    Honda Passport. Megamos 93C46
    Honda Pilot. Valeo 24C04 or 93C66
    Honda Prelude. Megamos 93C46
    Honda Ridgeline. Valeo 24c04 or 93c66
    Honda Shuttle(-2000). Megamos 93C46
    Hyundai Accent. ECU 95040/95160
    Hyundai Accent.Immobox 93C56.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Accent.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Atos.Immobox 93C56.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Atos.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Atos. ECU 95040/95160
    Hyundai Coupe. ECU 95040/95160
    Hyundai Elantra. ECU 95040/95160
    Hyundai Era. ECU 95040/95160
    Hyundai Galloper.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Galloper.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Getz. ECU 95040/95160
    Hyundai H1.Immobox 93C56.Texas 4C
    Hyundai H1.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Hyundai L200.Immobox 93C56.Texas 4C
    Hyundai L200.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Lantra.Immobox 93C56.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Lantra.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Prime. ECU 95040/95160
    Hyundai Sonata.Immobox 93C56.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Sonata.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Hyundai Sonata. ECU 95040/95160

    Infinity 2007+. BCM 9S12XDP512
    Iveco Daily (-2001). Bosch 93C46
    Iveco Daily (2007-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320
    Iveco Eurocargo (2007-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320
    Jeep Compass
    Jeep Commander
    Jeep Grand Cherokee (2005-)
    Jeep Liberty (2005-)
    Jeep Patriot
    Jeep Wrangler (2007-)
    Lancia Dedra. Delphi 93C46
    Lanci Dedra. Immobox Marelli HC705E6
    Lancia Dedra. Immobox Marelli HC908AZ32
    Lancia Delta.Delphi 93C46
    Lancia K / K Coupe. Bosch 93C46
    Lancia Lybra. Marelli 68HC908AZ32
    Lancia Thesis. Marelli HC912DG128 or 9S12DG256
    Lanci Ypsilon. Immobox Marelli HC705E6
    Lancia Ypsilon. Immobox Marelli HC908AZ32
    Lancia Ypsilon. Marelli HC912DG128 or 9S12DG256
    Lancia Ypsilon(2007-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320

    Maserati Granturismo. Immobox Marelli HC705E6
    Maserati Granturismo. Immobox Marelli HC908AZ32
    Maserati Granturismo. Marelli HC912DG128 or 9S12DG256
    Maserati Quattroporte. Marelli HC912DG128 or 9S12DG256
    Mazda.Immo Lucas 68HC05B8
    MAN.ECU VDO 25C128/C256
    Mercedes Actros. ECU Temic 93C56
    Mercedes Actros. ECU Temic 93C66
    Mercedes Actros. ECU Temic 93C86
    Mercedes Atego. ECU Temic 93C56
    Mercedes Atego. ECU Temic 93C66
    Mercedes Atego. ECU Temic 93C86
    Mercedes Axor. ECU Temic 93C56
    Mercedes Axor. ECU Temic 93C66
    Mercedes Axor. ECU Temic 93C86
    Mercedes A-Class (W168)
    Mercedes C-class. Self learning
    Mercedes E-class. Self learning
    Mercedes G-class. Self learning
    Mercedes Sprinter. Immo Temic 68HC05X16
    Mercedes Sprinter. Immo Temic 68HC08AZ32A
    Mercedes Vito. Immo Temic 68HC05X16
    Mercedes Vito. Immo Temic 68HC08AZ32A
    Mini Cooper EWS3
    Mini Cooper EWS4
    Mini Cooper CAS2
    Mini Cooper CAS3
    Nissan Micra. BCM 95080
    Nissan Note. BCM 95080
    Nissan Interstar (2002-2007). Sagem 93C66
    Nissan Interstar 2008-. BCM 95160
    Nissan Tida. BCM 95080

    Opel Antara. Bosch 95C040
    Opel Astra F. Siemens 68HC05B6
    Opel Calibra. Siemens 68HC05B6
    Opel Combo B. Siemens 68HC05B6
    Opel Corsa B. Siemens 68HC05B6
    Opel Frontera(1995-1999).Megamos 93C46.Emulated 7935
    Opel Movano (-2001).Immobox Sagem 93C46
    Opel Movano (2002-2007). Sagem 93C66
    Opel Movano 2008-. UCH 95160
    Opel Omega(1996-1999). Siemens 68HC05B6
    Opel Sintra(-1999). Siemens 68HC05B6
    Opel Tigra. Siemens 68HC05B6
    Opel Vectra B. Siemens 68HC05B6
    Opel Vivaro (2002-2007). Sagem 93C66
    Opel Vivaro 2008-. UCH 95160
    Porsche Boxter.BCM 93C56.Megamos 13
    Porsche Carrera(-1999).BCM 93C56.Megamos 13
    Porsche Cayenne. Key by dump of KESSY - 93C86
    Porsche Cayenne. Dealer's key by dump of KESSY - 93C86
    Porsche Cayenne. Dealer's key by dump of ECU
    Peugeot 106. Valeo 93C46
    Peugeot 406 (-1999). Valeo 93C46
    Peugeot Beeper. Delphi 93C86
    Peugeot Boxer(-2001). Delphi 93C46
    Peugeot Boxer(2006-). Marelli 95C160 or 95C320
    Peugeot Boxer(2001-2006). Delphi 93C56
    Peugeot Partner (-1999). Valeo 93C46
    Peugeot 306.Texton.93C66
    Peugeot 806.Texton.93C66
    Peugeot Expert.Texton.93C66
    Peugeot Ranch.Texton.93C66
    Peugeot bike.Immobilizer 68HC705E6
    Peugeot bike.ECU 68HC05B8
    Piaggio bike.Immobilizer 68HC705E6
    Piaggio bike.ECU 68HC05B8
    Renault Clio I (-2001).Immobox Sagem 93C46
    Renault Clio II (2001-2006). Sagem 93C66
    Renault Clio III. UCH 95160
    Renault Clio Symbol(2001-2006). Siemens 93C66
    Renault Kango (-2001). Sagem 93C66
    Renault Kangoo(2002-2007). Sagem 93C66
    Renault Kango 2008-. UCH 95160
    Renault Master (-2001). Sagem 93C66
    Renault Master (2002-2007). Sagem 93C66
    Renault Master 2008-. UCH 95160
    Renault Modus. UCH 95160
    Renault Twingo (2002-2007). Sagem 93C66
    Renault Trafic (2002-2007). Sagem 93C66
    Renault Trafic 2008-. UCH 95160
    Rover 75
    Rover 600
    Rover 618
    Rover 620
    Rover 800
    Land Rover 2003-2004
    Land Rover 2004-2007
    Range Rover Vogue
    Range Rover Supercharged

    SsangYong Korando. MC68HC05B16
    SsangYong Musso. MC68HC05B16
    SsangYong Rexton (2002 - 2006). MC68HC05B16
    Suzuki Alto.Immobox 24C01.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Alto.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Alto 2006+.ECU 93C56.PCF7936
    Suzuki Baleno.Immobox 24C01.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Baleno.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Grant Vitara.Immobox 24C01.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Grand Vitara.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Grnad Vitara.ECU 93C56.PCF7936
    Suzuki Jimny.Immobox 24C01.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Jimny.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Swift.Immobox 24C01.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Swift.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Swift 2006+.ECU 93C56.PCF7936
    Suzuki Vitara.Immobox 24C01.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Vitara.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Suzuki Wagon-R.Immobox 93C66.Texas 4C
    Toyota Avensis.68HC705E6 Texas 4C
    Toyota/Lexus/Scion.ECU 93C56.Texas 4C
    Toyota/Lexus/Scion.ECU 25020.Texas 4C
    Toyota/Lexus/Scion.ECU 25080.Texas 4C
    Toyota/Lexus/Scion.Immo Tokai Rika 93C66.Texas 4C
    Toyota/Lexus/Scion.Immo Tokai Rika 25080.Texas 4C
    Toyota/Lexus/Scion.TokaiRika 93C66.Texas 4D.Self learning
    ***VW Passat B6/CC from comfort and EDC16/MED9/PPD dump
    VW Phaeton. Key by dump of KESSY - 93C86
    VW Phaeton. Dealer's key by dump of KESSY - 93C86
    VW Phaeton. Dealer's key by dump of ECU
    VW Touareg. Key by dump of KESSY - 93C86
    VW Touareg. Dealer's key by dump of KESSY - 93C86
    VW Touareg. Dealer's key by dump of ECU
    Volvo 850. Bosch 93C46
    Volvo 940. Bosch 93C46
    Volvo 960. Bosch 93C46
    Volvo C70(-1998). Bosch 93C46
    Volvo Polar. Bosch 93C46
    Volvo S40(-1998). Bosch 93C46
    Volvo S70(-1998). Bosch 93C46
    Volvo V40(-1998). Bosch 93C46
    Volvo V70(-1998). Bosch 93C46
    Yamaha bike. ECU Mitsuba 24C04

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